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Problem: Conduit search is a hijacker program (virus) that replaces computer files with Conduit search toolkit without your consent. It further compromises your PC by slowing it down. It is strongly recommended to remove Conduit search virus immediately
Symptom: Besides having browser popup you may also experience slow PC performance; unwanted Ads ; slow internet speed; slow startup; unexpected shutdown; installation errors and in some cases hardware failure also. Eventually Conduit can also crash your PC.
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Blog - 26 December 2016

How to remove conduit from system registry?

Since Search Conduit is an executable program, it leaves its traces in the system registry even after Conduit search removal. Follow the steps below to remove Search Conduit Virus from system registry (highly recommended to take a back-up of system registry before removing Conduit):

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Blog - 12 September 2016

How To Remove Conduit Search Malware Permanently From Your Computer

The internet is full of traps and malicious programs which would sit quietly on to your computer without ever letting you know. And suddenly you will notice that you have a problem. One of the common problems that often users face is the Conduit Search. You get this in many forms in your computer.

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